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The new Fusion Voice System raises the bar in the dictation industry for centralized dictation management for any organization, small to large. Scalable, reliable, and feature rich, this system incorporates today’s technology to efficiently handle today’s challenging dictation and transcription problems.
Features include dictation by telephone, PC workstation, digital portable hand-held recorders, PDA's to meet the needs of healthcare, legal and any dictation setting. The management software, Fusion Focus, empowers managers and administrators with the tools they need to manage transcription staff or outside contractors with skills-based routing, statistical reporting, definable security and more.

Designed as an enterprise-wide dictation management system for today's fast-paced document-intensive companies, Philips' future-proof digital dictation management software, SpeechExec Enterprise, delivers simplicity and productivity throughout your organization. Speech Exec Enterprise offers an intuitive Windows-based graphical interface that assures rapid user acceptance by authors and transcriptionists. Flexible dictation input options and commonsense architecture simplify implementation and administration.
Designed for the needs of modern legal, medical, and business professionals, Voice Solutions represents the latest in digital dictation systems. We offer a variety of configurations, with systems ranging from 2-24 telephony ports and 600 to 1200 hours of voice media storage. So whether you are a small doctor's office or a large law firm, our system can be tailored to your needs.

Authors and transcriptionists can access the system both through locally wired dictate/transcribe stations, dial in from an outside telephone, and  i-Net Transcription allows robust functionality for network transcription on both local and over the internet. With fully customizable user accounts, each author or transcriptionist can have the functions and settings appropriate for their situation or personal preferences. As user needs change, so can the software. Voice Solutions will never become outdated.

Established in 1989, DVI is a pioneer in the development and deployment of open architecture, client-server, fault tolerant, Windows-based digital dictation systems. DVI's installed client base includes the nation's leading hospitals, major transcription service companies, clinics, public safety agencies, and law offices.

Straight Talk NE delivers all the benefits of digital dictation systems many times its size, in a solution specially developed for the smaller office or department. This next-generation solution offers flexible dictation input via telephone or portable device, PC-based central digital recording and voice file management, as well as easy transcription access for more efficient document production.