Dictaphone Support

For configuration issues please call or contact support. Charges may apply.

Basic Cphone Programing
There are many configurations of a cphone. Not to mention the key functions could act differently based on the dictation system you dial into. Here are some basic instructions for programing the memory buttons on a Dictaphone Cphone.

Note the different areas we will be using.

  • Menu buttons - 3 buttons located at the top of the Cphone just below the LCD. They are outlined in RED.
  • Memory Buttons 1-8 - 8 buttons in an Vertical row located on the left side of the template. They are outlined in BLUE.
  • Memory Buttons 9-16 - 8 buttons in a Vertical row located on the right side of the template. They are outlined in YELLOW.
  • Programming buttons - 4 buttons located in a Vertical row located to the left of the Keypad. They are outlined in GREEN.
  • Memory Buttons 17-21 - 5 buttons located just below the keypad. Not shown in this image.
  • Common Programing Codes

  • Transcriber - # *18 - This code turns on the transcibe display and activates the foot control. It will also allow you to hear dictation through the headset.
  • Bar Code Reader - # *1807 - This lets the display show all of the digits entered with the bar code reader. The display will not show other job information.
  • Hands Free Dictation - # *19 - Enables hands free dictation using a foot contorl and a telescoping microphone.